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What to expect in interview???

How's WLB and expected TC???

TOE : 5


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  • Cloudera mmmmbop-
    Interview will depend on your skillset. It'll largely consist of Linux knowledge, SQL knowledge, JVM troubleshooting, and possibly some code proficiency testing, i.e. giving you sample code in some language and asking you to read it.

    WLB is actually pretty great, all things considered. Support is not one of the areas that's suffering as much burnout due to lack of WLB. That said, there are tons of reasons to avoid this company and avoid support here specifically. Expected TC will depend on your experience and what you can bring to the table - if you're hired on as a COE in an IC3 or higher band, expect a six figure salary with 10-15% bonus and some RSU grants.

    It's fairly market competitive, but Cloudera had a history of underpaying employees on base salary in the hopes that the stock grants make up the difference. The fact that the stock is currently sub $6 should tell you everything....

    If it were me, and it was previously, I would avoid this company. The merger has been a complete shambles, the middle management in support are all vying for power amongst themselves, implementing terrible processes and changes because "that's how we did it at legacy Cloudera or legacy Hortonworks". The CEO is on the way out with no replacement, engineering is dropping like flies, and Support shows no signs of getting any better. However, I don't think Cloudera will be dying anytime soon, though I believe a buyout is imminent.

    If you're looking for a company that will be relatively comfortable, where you can coast on for at least a year with minimal effort, this is absolutely the place for you. If you're looking for a rewarding/challenging opportunity that will advance your career and still provide benefits to you after leaving - you should look elsewhere. This is a company isn't quite in hospice, but the doctor is currently delivering the "you have X years left to live" speech...
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      Appreciate your response
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