Coding for engineering program manager at Apple

Aug 23, 2018 2 Comments

I recently had an interview for engineering program manager at Apple. The interviewer asked me what was my weakest technical skill. I said algorithms/coding. That’s why I changed my role from software engineer to technical program manager.

He then followed up with an algorithmic question. I was able to give him a brute force solution. He gave me several hints and we reached an optimal solution. I was able to answer the complexity correctly with reasoning though.

I feel I fucked up here as I emailed the recruiter and haven’t got a response.

1. Do you think it’s a reject? My 1st interview with the hiring manager went really well so this was a bit disappointing as the person who took wasn’t even a part of his team.
2. For future reference, what should you say as a weak technical skill for program management rules so that it does not effect the interview. I know I am attempting to game the system but so does leetcode! I was thinking of UI Design (just hate it too as I hate drawing/coloring).


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  • IBM edall
    Was the interviewer a developer or a PM? Never tell a dev you don’t know how to code even if you’re applying for a CEO role... you’ll always get a leetcode question.

    Next time someone ask you that question, say your weakest tech skill is cybersecurity unless you’re applying for a role that involves cybersecurity. Why security? Because 99% of the people don’t know anything about it... it’s safe for you
    Aug 23, 2018 0