Coding/Design = set for life?

LinkedIn ytrisback
May 3 5 Comments

For all developers/designers: Do you agree with this statement? A VC on twitter said the following: “Anyone who can code or who can design (proficiently) has 0% chance of homelessness in the US.”


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  • Microsoft ccmbrwater
    The statement is totally ignoring mental health issues. I can do both and sometimes a voice in my head tells me to throw my life away and go crazy. Like fuck it all.

    But yeah there's probably work if you're stable.
    May 3 0
  • ConocoPhillips blasé
    If they are mentally stable, willing to move anywhere, and have any competence at money management, sure
    May 3 0
  • Tableau / Eng TacW56
    One of the best/worst hires I ever made was an incredibly proficient raging alcoholic. He’d go on benders— alternating between producing incredible code, or drowning in a tornado of booze. Had to fire him when (spoiler alert!) he started becoming unreliable.
    May 3 1
    • Morgan Stanley

      Morgan Stanley

      Back in a day we hired guy like that. Long list of short time employments, but with accomplishments. Also very smart and professional so we hired him. Got up to speed very quickly, worked for two months, got stuff done and then got into booze and disappeared. Reached out to one of his previous co-workers - they had same story with him.
      May 3
  • WeWork sad
    Which VC?
    May 3 0