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eBay abababbb
Mar 10 11 Comments

I’ve been contacted to be a cofounder. The product is 90% complete but not live yet. The confonder role would basically be to improve the product as the company evolves. The founder owns 100% right now. I believe in the business idea, what share of the business shall I ask?


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  • Uber / Engutvh9
    Same as other cofounder(s)
    Mar 100
  • New / MgmtVSwf01
    Do they have paying customers? If not, 50% if it's unpaid. If they have paying customers then it will depend on how many, the growth and if you're getting paid. But no customer? No pay? 50%
    Mar 101
    • Amazon Cynimist
      Yah. The product isn't 90% complete until you see product market fit. Before that it is just a prototype of something that might be a product.
      Mar 10
  • CenturyLink OsOpOrAaT
    < 51 for sure
    Mar 102
    • Google


      Mar 10
    • CenturyLink OsOpOrAaT
      Ugh you got me there 😂
      Mar 10
  • Oracle now@google
    If it were 90% complete why would they need a cofounder?
    I suppose they have a prototype that doesn’t yet work and no customer in sight.
    Mar 100
  • Uber nzrq55
    Depend what you are giving up. And what values you can bring to the table. How much money they had spent and where they are with product market fit
    Mar 100
  • Oscar 🐨koala
    Mar 100
  • New / Product


    Designer and business development prefers working with innovation teams, design labs. Highly conceptual, communications, motivator and team leader.
    They have the concept and prototype I assume, is there any IP? Trademark? Copyright? Then he has built value and you will build on top of what he has so far. You 30 - 40 % are you taking compensation?
    Mar 120
  • Amazon TPMs
    How do you become a cofounder, when 90% is complete? Or why would you get another cofounder?
    Mar 100

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