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Apple ging17:!5!
Jul 4 11 Comments

Read this post on culture at coinbase. Would love for some coinbase folks to share how is it over there! Lots of talent? Collaborative culture? Open to changes? Little red tape?


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  • Coinbase is the hooli of crypto
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  • Amazon brknHrt
    Good and inspiring.
    Coinbase people hw do you feel working in your company?
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  • Coinbase VYGG17
    We alright. Culture degraded over the last few years with new execs coming and going (net good they are gone imo) but seems we’re on a better path now.

    The company is much bigger now though and I don’t think we’ve found all our footing just yet on how to operate at this size.

    Seems we’re on a better track now though and leadership is definitely trying to improve things and listening to feedback
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    • Coinbase VYGG17
      “We ask every interviewer to only vote yes if they are a “hell yes”, otherwise we vote no.”

      This has never been true and I don’t know why we keep putting this in messaging. It’s just not realistic. Most hires are generally yes consensus but rarely do hell yes’s occur and it’s not required.
    • Coinbase VYGG17
      “If we notice paper accumulating in the bathroom, we might pick it up, but we also follow up with facilities to see if we can solve the root cause.”

      Funny story here. There’s actually a “bathroom bandit” who keeps leaving Red Bull cans in bathroom stalls. We don’t know who’s doing it but it happens regularly and people share photos when it happens. I don’t think they clean it up though
    • Coinbase VYGG17
      Overall I think the doc is a fairly accurate view on how things are
    • Apple ging17:!5!
      Thanks for sharing!!
  • Microsoft clBY20
    Too long to read, can someone summarize?
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