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GoDaddy / Eng employee07
Mar 16 11 Comments

I've heard the success rate sending "cold applications" (directly applying through a company's website with no referral) is abysmally low.

I'm looking to make a move to one of the better tech companies, but with no contacts I had no other option than to send cold applications.

My experience has been pretty positive. So far I've heard back from Google, Airbnb, Twitter, Square, Dropbox and HubSpot. (Additionally, I didn't need to apply to Microsoft or Amazon since their recruiters reached out to me.)

I didn't hear back from Netflix, Facebook, LinkedIn, Apple, Uber, and Lyft.

My resume isn't standout IMO, (really) good GPA from an average university, about 4 YOE doing full stack development, and no open source work.

Getting an interview from 6/12 companies applied to doesn't seem like bad odds. I'm curious to know what experience others have had. Are referrals more important at certain companies, or maybe for certain higher roles?

Also if you have recommendations for other companies I should look into, let me know!


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  • Amazon away.throw
    Worked for me. There was a job on, and I applied. Got hired.

    Recruiter did seem bemused, since I made the first move.
    Mar 16 0
  • IBM / IT mc20
    I have an average resume. But I got calls from Docker,Google,Tableau and 6 more good companies. So I guess it’s possible to get interviews with just cold applying.
    Mar 16 0
  • Capital One public_
    Of 49 cold applications thus far, 14 have replied to me. Of those 14, 6 were immediate rejections. The 8 that I'm talking to, I'm anywhere from technical screens to onsites, including Two Sigma, Google, Uber, LinkedIn, and Microsoft. So, I have less than a 10% success rate, but I started my journey applying to a lot of stale job postings... most of which have not responded to me.
    Mar 16 3
    • GoDaddy / Eng employee07
      Does your count of 49 applications include multiple applications to the same company? Or did you apply to 49 different companies?
      Mar 16
    • Capital One public_
      Multiple to the same. The highest being 6 to a single company.
      Mar 17
    • GoDaddy / Eng employee07
      Okay, I had multiple applications to each company as well, but I only counted the number of companies I was applying to.

      Good luck with your interviews! It looks like you're in a good position to hopefully get multiple offers.
      Mar 17
  • Sony ppxy23
    You for sure have a eye catching resume. I thought getting a job without someone you know in company is pretty much zero.
    Mar 16 1
    • GoDaddy / Eng employee07
      I guess not, considering the other comments on this post.
      Mar 16
  • BBDO sxYo02
    Reach out to a recruiter or sourcer on LinkedIn.
    May 15 0
  • MathWorks p8Rz2u
    Same experience with a mediocre resume. Had a pretty good % of hearing back with cold apps.
    Mar 16 0
    Yes share the same experience
    Mar 16 0


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