Collegues never review my code unless I go to their seats and ask whether they have time to review it

Jul 29 15 Comments

i have pr opened 2 weeks ago and no one reivews it
but if the manager says that this pr is important in the group chat then everyone starts to review it.
you cannot merge the code unless someone approves it.
i just joined the company for 1 month. now really considering leaving.


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  • Amazon JfTvJcXqW
    Typically try to bring it up in stand-up, usually helps to mention it then, and then follow up personally with a few people on your team. That way you can inform people you are blocked, plus you remove the bystander effect.
    Jul 29 3
    • Medallia qwertyca
      This! good one to go with.
      Jul 29
    • Oracle pzd
      Good advice, with one nit. Bring it up during stand up, but don't name names. (As in, "my PR has been out for review for n days now, and I'll appreciate it if someone can take a look soon" as opposed to "I have sent a PR to Bob n days ago and he still hasn't reviewed it.")
      Jul 29
    • Amazon / Eng KHCr70
      Just do whatever other people on your team do. I presume this is not a team wide problem or nothing would get done
      Jul 29
  • Citrix Systems / Eng peda
    This is a nice post on blind. Questions like this are necessary. I have had occasions where I had to beg ppl to review it. Typically ask your manager about what’s the process ?
    Jul 29 0
  • Oracle pzd
    Not sure how this works in your team, but sending PR to a specific person usually works better than sending it to a generic team-wide channel.
    Jul 29 0
  • Microsoft qwertyhhhh
    Make sure you ask people personally to review the PR otherwise they will just assume/hope someone else will review it and they don't need to use their time to do it.
    Jul 29 0
  • Amdocs xc56
    - Try to get to know how the review and change control process is .. usually your manager should tell you this in your 1:1.
    - If he forgot then ask him.
    - Check previous slack messages if you use slack to see how others have got their prs reviewed.
    - check with teammates in standup
    Jul 29 0
  • Facebook cuck
    I hate people like that. I personally love reviewing code
    Jul 29 0
  • Lyft ccxdr
    Often problem is inward than outward. Think about what can you change in you that will help with this problem.

    If no one reviews anyone code then no work would be done by the team. I am assuming that's not the case. So look inward.

    For eg:
    Your reaction to comments and resolutions.
    Your promptness in reviewing others code.
    Jul 29 0
  • Fanatics coder07
    +1 facing the same situation.
    After a few occurrances, I am now tagging that person on the group chat with link to the pull request. Now my requests are addressed within a couple of hours.

    Also, make sure your code isn't too long when you open a pull request. It should ideally be one day's worth of coding..

    Here's where I learnt it from:
    The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code – Joel on Software
    Jul 29 0
  • Zillow Group πŸ‘‘ Troll
    Thank you, our team of qualified trolls will reply your inquiry in a short manner
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  • Salesforce hrpwhgtl7
    Post in the slack group channel asking for the review.
    Jul 29 0
  • Amazon jtGV66
    Give them a deadline. Review this by X otherwise it is getting pushed!
    Jul 29 0
  • Twitter


    It’s all shitposts and jokes - get a sense of humor!
    Hmm do they get emails when your open your PR? It not- request their review directly.
    Do you have a team channel? When you make a PR, β€˜@β€˜ the person you think has the most context. Maybe the tech lead. Also β€˜@β€˜ the oncall
    Jul 29 0