Coming from PhD to Industry: What’s next? Your advice is appreciated

Google Nooglerz
Sep 21 10 Comments

I truly appreciate your honest advice. Thanks a lot.

I got a PhD from MIT (ML+Privacy), and joined Google (I’m 27) . My team works on something that needs very basic ML (regression) and the product does not seem intresting to me so I’m considering a change.

However, I’m not sure what’s the best strategy for me; I’m considering joining a team that have a lot of backend distributed computing designs and cloud computing and a lot of coding that I like.

1. Is coming out of ML bad for my career progress. Does it hurt me since it’s hot area?

2. Should I look around my area of expertise? Should I explore new areas and learn new things?

3. I feel my coding skills have become rusty and considering a coding-heavy role to become a stronger SWE asap. I can have 20% ML projects from other teams. Does this make sense to you? or I’m wrong totally.

In academia, a narrow expertise was the key for getting the PhD, now I’m confused if I should remain around ML or pivot to other intresting areas like Cloud?


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  • That is BS. I would be angry if I were you. There are so many teams at google that require advanced ML. I’m angry for you haha. Unbelievable that all you’ll be doing is regression after a PhD from MIT in ML. How many teams did you talk to in team matching?
    Sep 21 0
  • Google Mr. Glass
    When did you join? You cant transfer within a year. And ML research roles either engineer or scientist are very competitive; tight headcount curremtly. Saying regression being basic feels like you are actually inexperienced
    Sep 21 2
    • Google Nooglerz
      I have offer from them; I don’t know how interesting they are
      Sep 21
    • Google Nooglerz
      + transfer within a year needs manager approval
      Sep 21
  • LinkedIn ssssssql
    If I were you, I would probably change projects or teams eventually. Btw, what is your TC in google? Just curious.
    Sep 21 2
  • Flowcast lulll
    So many non-fang jobs that do ml. Im a phd and doing deep learning at one. Get confident and go after what you want. Google is like IBM so its a good time to head for zee hills
    Sep 21 0
  • Apple karmaVibes
    What’s your title?
    Oct 3 1