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Uber spaghetty
Jul 3, 2018 2 Comments

Hey- looking for someone @ Airbnb for help/consultation. My parents run about 4 Airbnb rental properties all over the west coast. They got an email regarding an opportunity to become an “expert operations manager”. They don’t understand anything on the internet whatsoever 😒 but it seems like a program that requires a lot of time, so i’m trying to gain more info on how i can explain this to them, the pros and cons.

They are completely retired, currently making around $30-40k in pension and benefits but struggling to make ends meet despite their real estate assets, and my TC: not enough to live where i live and help in any substantial way.

can anyone from airbnb help? happy to help however i can, without revealing myself i guess it’s just referrals, but really hopeful i can find something here to help mom and dad out.


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  • Airbnb / Eng .________.
    What is a" expert operations manager"??
    Jul 3, 2018 1
    • Airbnb f2gh7a
      Probably an operations manager with an extra word. What do operations managers actually do? 👀
      Jul 15, 2018


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