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Mar 9 9 Comments

New grad living in north San Jose .
Should I move to a new place in Cupertino for 2k/month rent and reduce my commute to 25 (one way) minutes
Continue living in San Jose with shared apartment for 1k/month and spend 1-1:15 hrs (one way) for commute


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  • Cisco / QACyberDemon
    depends on how you spend your free time.
    leetcoding? worth moving.
    jerking off? prolly not.
    Mar 90
  • I noticed I’m less of an asshole and a better partner now that my commute is 15 minutes compared to 60-75 minutes so it was worth it for me.
    Mar 100
  • New sparked
    If you break down the math that 1k you’re saving each month is costing you ~25 hours a month (if you aren’t doing anything you enjoy/benefit from during commute)

    Saving 25 hours a month is more than worth paying 1k to me but everyone is different.

    Really the bigger piece is do you enjoy roommates/would really value being on your own
    Mar 90
  • Facebook TYsa84
    Why cant u live in Cupertino with roommates?
    Mar 101
    • Discover Financial Services xqEm32
      2b/2b in Cupertino is around 3500, so with utilities it comes to 2k for each
      Mar 10
  • Cisco CiscoKid.
    Leave early both ways...
    Mar 91
    • Discover Financial Services xqEm32
      I am paid hourly
      Mar 9
  • Facebook TYsa84
    You can share a 2bd/ 2ba apartment in Mountain View/ Sunnyvale and pay around 1500/1600 per bedroom. I have done till recently. You have to monitor prices on apartment communities website and get in on local minima to save about 50-100 bucks per month.
    Mar 110
  • Juniper meandoo
    Check for public transportation too. It might take more time but you can sit back read/relax/work in your commute time.
    Mar 90

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