Commute from Bothell (Exit 23) to Amazon Fiona

Microsoft vKLQ25
Jan 3 7 Comments

I will be starting the new assignment in Amazon next week. I was told that there are amazon shuttles from parking lot opposite to Bothell Home Depot. Can someone share the amazon shuttle schedules?


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  • Apple niceman
    When u look at some of shuttles and sit in them, u will understand frugality. In this shit company, I saw even bus drivers yelling at employees at times. Some buses are good though.
    Jan 3 2
    • Amazon max9chars
      This is bullshit. Amazon shuttles are comfortable and clean. Not sure what else you would want from a bus! And, no one yells at you; that's just a load of crap.
      Jan 4
    • Apple niceman
      Dude stop your nonsense. This is true fact. Traveled by amazon shuttle for many months. Amazon runs some very poor shuttles on some routes. It used to be and I guess it is still. The seats are pretty worn out. The drivers have been rude many times. Golden rule: You can speak for yourself but you cannot speak for everyone. This is common sense. Simple.
      Jan 4
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  • And the door code
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  • Google / Eng irene
    Can someone also please share the Amazon shuttle WiFi password?
    Jan 3 0
  • Financial Engines

    Financial Engines

    I am thinking of moving to Seattle from Bay area. Coming for Microsoft Azure team
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