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Feb 3 5 Comments

Greetings, Blinders (is that even a thing?) from Bangalore. I recently moved here from NCR, and I'm looking at flats currently. I really liked one at Sarjapur, but it's 6km away from where I work in Koramangala, around 30 mins in peak traffic.

How far do you commute for work? Is 30 mins a reasonable figure?


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  • New / Eng jbnote
    You will probably take the road along with Agara lake and it is going to be damn frustrating spending all your 30minutes crossing that area. I wouls suggest staying close to work.
    Feb 3 1
    • Google snkparent

      Don't stay far away and remember, it's only going to get worse in terms of traffic time, not better.
      Feb 3
  • ;;
    Sarjapur is reasonable place to stay from commute distance pov, but was really shitty when i was looking about 4 years back.

    If you can afford, look into Koramangala or India Nagar.
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  • New eyiK84
    30 mins is pretty good but make sure it is 30 min in PEAK time.And get ready to face 30 min of hell everyday 😂😂
    Feb 3 0
  • New nawx52
    Feb 3 0