Commute to Cruise Automation SF office from south bay

Wave Computing ai314
Nov 10 5 Comments

How do Cruise Automation employees living in south bay commute to SF office? How is work from home policy at Cruise?


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  • Cruise Automation eckers
    There’s shuttles that run from SJ to SF or Caltrain since we’ll be moving into DropBox’s old HQ (right by CalTrain station)
    Nov 10 2
    • Wave Computing ai314
      What is a typical work + commute time?
      Nov 10
    • Riverbed Technology siegel
      Terrible, close to 1.5-2 hrs
      Nov 10
  • Cruise Automation KM78
    I drive and park at Costco opposite of cruise for free. We'll move into 333 Brannan in a month though and afaik there's no free parking around but it's just 2 blocks from caltrain at least. wfh seems to depend on team. In my team it's pretty lax, just get your shit done and you're golden.
    Nov 12 0
  • Riverbed Technology siegel
    Tag them
    Nov 10 0


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