Commute to downtown crossing.

Kemper Maj. Payne
Feb 3 4 Comments

Anyone who lives in Boston have any recommendations as to where to live if commute is to downtown crossing? Which lines usually has it worse, orange, red ? Would like to keep the commute to < 35m.


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  • Kemper Maj. Payne
    All right. Thanks. I’ll look for Medford/Malden next to orange. Looks like it’s a bit more affordable up there. If it adds a bit more time to the commute so be it.
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  • Given that Boston's growth, East Boston is not soso or not good neighborhood anymore. You can chcek places in medford or malden near orange line or Alewife or Alrington for Redline.
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  • New / Eng abuhr3i
    Also Cambridge (central square and kendall square). Harvard sq may be tricky for <35. My experience from 4-5 years ago is that Red is the best, then orange, and green is the worst, specially green B. For neighborhood I recommend south end, backbay, fenway and east of DT crossing, like northend and aquarium area. East boston may be tricky, it' far also not a very nice neighborhood.
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  • Monster unholy!
    Red is by far the worst in terms of reliability of service. To get to DTX in under 35 mins, you'll have to look at areas like South Boston or East Boston. Anything outside that range, you're looking at a 45min+ commute time
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