Commuting to Youtube San Bruno from Oakland

Deloitte sudowoodoo
May 14 2 Comments

I've accepted a job offer with YouTube in San Bruno and am trying to find a place to live. Might have something for very cheap but it's in Oakland. I'd like to take it since it's so cheap but wanted to get a sense of the commute

Anyone in the bay area able to offer any insight on:

1) how long would you estimate the commute to be from Oakland to San Bruno? I'll have a car, but wonder if Bart train may actually be faster
2) Would you say it's worth it?
3) If I were to decide to do this, what are the best hours to leave home/work?


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  • eBay


    Why did you click on me 😡
    It wouldn’t be too bad. Just BART to San Bruno, walk to YouTube. Driving would take way longer and kill all your mental energy by the time you got to work
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  • Microsoft / Eng devpapi
    That's a shit show. I suggest you relocate to somewhere closer. Traffic driving during peak hours probably 2 hours. Bart about 1.5.
    Use your new companies products like maps. You can check by when you need to arrive.
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