Comp Bands for Facebook and Google L5 Product manager

Sep 18, 2018 9 Comments

How close are comp ranges between the two companies? In negotiation and curious to know who can go higher. It seems like google has more room on the high end of band (360tc?). Facebook standard l5 offer is around 280 I believe.

Tc 250


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TOP 9 Comments
  • CoreLogic ☝🏿
    FB’s L4’s TC ends around $320 IIRC. I’ve heard of L5 offers at $450k no stock appreciation.

    Google prob 5-7% beneath that?
    Sep 18, 2018 3
    • Apple / Eng cho Chang
      Fb L4 can be 320k TC? Max E4 offer is roughly 160k base, 300k RSUs /4 years, 100k signing. Which is ~250k TC.
      Sep 18, 2018
    • OP
      Im guessing you guys are talking about eng and not pm
      Sep 18, 2018
    • CoreLogic ☝🏿
      I interviewed w/FB and consistently found these numbers in my research for L4/L5 Product Manager in Menlo Park.
      Sep 18, 2018
  • Google / Eng googler4
    Sep 18, 2018 1
    • OP
      Not much info for pm
      Sep 18, 2018
  • Citibank / R&D whatdabump
    Metallica would be cool. Probably more of an emo genre would be appropriate
    Sep 18, 2018 1
  • Facebook / Eng Carmine
    Very close u need competing offer or just be comfortable bs’ing
    Sep 18, 2018 0


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