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Jan 1 33 Comments

I’ve seen people talk about how new grads at HRT are making 350k+ and I find that to be crazy. I’ve seen new grad offers from Two Sigma/Jane Street and they are nowhere near.

Is this comp true? And if so what other firms pay this high? Does anyone know what comp is like for someone more senior, like 5-10 years of experience at a place like HRT?


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TOP 33 Comments
  • Two Sigma SFuk703
    The 350k seems in line with what I've seen from HRT. I'm not sure what other firms pay new grads as much other than Citadel with ~400k for the first year (signing bonuses of 150k). The wlb and culture are much better at HRT though. They treat their employees realllllly nice.

    Pretty sure senior devs/quants at HRT are making 7 figures though I don't know anyone personally, just guessing.
    Jan 1 9
    • Facebook grlx
      Is Two Sigma less of a pressure cooker than FB? I find a lot of people here are pretty stressed about impact, and getting fired seems a lot more common than somewhere like Google.
      Jan 1
    • Facebook kaundb72
      I don’t work there but from what friends have told me, no. I have heard that working on the investment side might be somewhat more stressful than working on the insurance platform
      Jan 1
    • Facebook grlx
      @kaundb72 : Just to clarify when you say "I don’t work there but from what friends have told me, no.", are you saying it's NOT a pressure cooker like FB or that it IS.
      Jan 3
    • Jane Street Capital wCYe52
      Counting signing bonus in TC doesn't make much sense since it isn't recurring. What's HRT's new grad offer without that? Citadel's 250k after backing out the signing bonus is a lot more reasonable.
      Jan 3
    • Two Sigma SFuk703
      I believe without signing bonus, HRT's new grad TC is 275k, 175k base + 100k guaranteed bonus
      Jan 5
  • Morgan Stanley ninja007
    Wayyyy off.

    Unless you have some proprietary knowledge gained over time, no company will pay you that kinda dough.
    Jan 1 1
  • Microsoft / Eng Tier 1
    If I understand correctly, the base at these firms is fairly low, but the bonuses can be high 6 to low 7 figures.
    Jan 1 2
    • Two Sigma SFuk703
      New grads at Two Sigma are getting 150k base, and 175k base at HRT
      Jan 1
    • Google ysuebfb
      What bonuses?
      Jan 1
  • Facebook / Eng xrZ8Uq
    What's new grad offers for TS and JS look like?
    Jan 1 5
  • PayPal yutedvjddx
    What is HRT?
    Jan 1 1
    • Facebook kaundb72
      Hudson River Trading
      Jan 1
  • Intuit 💰💸
    I’m now curious what a low to average offer would look like at one of these places. Or is 350k the norm?
    Jan 1 3
    • Jane Street Capital eYnq30ps
      AFAIK we don’t lowball candidates, and ~350k is about right for folks with 1-2 yoe out of college. New grad is probably somewhere between 50k to 100k less than that.
      Jan 4
    • Facebook Hodinkee
      Is 700k possible for 10 yoe, infra c++ swe?
      Jul 7
    • What’s the split between base and bonus for the 350k?
      Aug 1
  • Joyent / Mgmt
    A Mouse

    Joyent Mgmt

    A Mousemore
    Understand that the HF/prop trading folks will pay a reasonable base; the difference is the bonus, which is generally cash.

    Yes, numbers like 350k TC are possible for new folks, with a 175/175 split between base and bonus.

    For more experienced people, 500+ k isn't uncommon, though you base will be lower, think low 200's k.

    This noted, the hedgies aren't likely in a happy mood at this moment, so hiring will probably slow for now. Give them time.
    Jan 2 0
  • Two Sigma / Eng greety
    I've heard 500k for 5 yoe at Citadel
    Jan 2 2
    • Facebook qlaohrn
      Wow that’s absurd, what about 5 yoe at TS?
      Jan 2
    • Two Sigma / Eng greety
      400k, similar to tech numbers
      Jan 2
  • New / Eng rhpx71
    New grad Jane Street got increased this year, first year TC is close to 400k. Citadel new grad first year TC upper band is also 400k. Note this includes one time signing bonus, but the numbers are possible.
    Oct 7 1
    • Two Sigma / Eng mgre
      What about non-first year numbers?
      Oct 7


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