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Bloomberg BANG<GO>
Aug 26 16 Comments

What comp can a senior software engineer (5-6years of experience) expect at a hedge fund like Two sigma or Jane street? Also how much work life balance can I expect?

tc 230


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  • Jane Street Capital / Eng csyibl
    I'd be surprised if we offered much less than 400k for someone with that much experience. Pay is very performance-based, though. In your first year or two that could easily go up several hundred thousand if you do well.
    Aug 27 10
    • Jane Street Capital JBoC63
      I could see offers being quite low here, but if you have 5-6 yoe and it’s not your first year here I think it’s fair to say your TC rounds to 1mil. Whether it’s up or down depends on performance
      Aug 28
    • Bloomberg TICKR <GO>
      How stressful is your day ? Or what does that involve ?
      What technologies or languages do you use ?
      Just curious
      Aug 28
    • Bloomberg BANG<GO>
      ^same question as TIckr
      Aug 28
    • Facebook Hodinkee
      js == ocaml
      Aug 28
    • Jane Street Capital / Eng csyibl
      I didn't find the IC work very stressful. Mostly 40-45 hour weeks. Definitely more in management, but still pretty manageable. Tech stack is almost entirely OCaml.
      Aug 29
  • Facebook Hodinkee
    For two sigma it’s not whole lot:300-400. I’ve heard numbers twice as much for JS, but no personal experience with them.
    Aug 26 0
  • Betterment


    Ralph Lauren
    Come to Betterment!
    Aug 27 1
    • Goldman Sachs csu
      How much would betterment pay
      Aug 27
  • If you work in the front office (quant dev, algo strategy dev, HFT dev, etc) then the sky is the limit. If you work in infrastructure, tooling or internal software then you'll make about as much as FAANG with slightly worse perks and WLB.
    Aug 26 1
    • Dell LUHV04
      For two sigma in data center space , what would be the comp for New York ?
      Aug 27