Companies funding international hiring

Feb 16 4 Comments

I'm in my final year at college and looking for options at USA as a Software Engineer.
Now I'm already placed with Salesforce India but I'm still trying to find some good companies that are hiring students from India.
Would appreciate some recommendation companies for the same.


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TOP 4 Comments
  • Axtria DesiLaunda
    Feb 16 0
  • Cognizant Gtfo1
    Feb 16 0
  • New inmann
    Your post makes no sense. Are you in college or working at Salesforce? Are you currently in India or USA? Will you require a Visa?
    Feb 16 0
  • Microsoft / Eng caltrop
    Depends on your college. G, FB, Microsoft & Uber(not sure about Uber) usually recruit a select few fresh grads from India each year for their HQ, but they usually stick to the older IITs.
    Feb 17 0