Companies in Europe fly you business class

Zulily oran 😈
Feb 21 6 Comments

Do you ever wonder why companies in Europe fly their employees business class (international & transatlantic flights) whereas same tier employee or higher and same company here in US wont fly you business class
Example : Bank of America, Facebook


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TOP 6 Comments
  • Facebook / Otherdaiquiri
    “Business class” within Europe is just regular rows of seats but with the middle seats blocked
    Feb 210
  • Microsoft Gntjgezsoo
    Maybe that’s the European way to compensate for shitty pay?
    Feb 210
  • SAP Yurty10
    Most flights in Europe are pretty short. Nothing over 3 to 4 hours really if you’re flying between EU states or close by nations. As others have mentioned, most short haul business class is just the middle seat empty.
    Feb 210
  • Microsoft ThxObama
    Feb 210
  • Google euBx84
    Caps for trips at google are same regardless of which country you're from. I.e. no country gets special treatment.
    Feb 221
    • Google / MgmtMyBreezy
      I love our cap system. I flew like a peasant early on and banked credits to fly first always. Domestic and int’l. Just gotta know the system ;)
      Feb 22

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