Companies in India that follow Google interview format

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Jan 17 4 Comments

What are some of the companies in India that follow very similar interview format as that of Google's? Expecting challenging algorithmic questions and system design rounds. Want to keep low focus on: OOPs, specifics of programming languages, microservices, multithreading, offline assignments to be solved, etc. Also would love to know if companies complete all interviews on the same day.

The aim is to use them as mockups before Google interview or as fail back offers if needed.


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  • Goldman Sachs wtfiswro
    Jan 17 2
    • Oracle imnotalpha
      I’m very curious about directi. What does it do? Why does it take only brilliant people? Does what it does need such level of brilliance??
      Jan 17
    • New / Eng WhoFarted?
      Its a parent company of underlying in-house product companies like Flock,, Zeta, Codechef, Radix, etc.
      It used to be a good company, brilliant folks, one of the best perks and culture. Then they sold, their only profit making company to a Chinese consortium and now they are barely afloat as all of their other products are more or less horse shit.
      Flock and Zeta had 50% lay-offs last year.
      Perks getting shittier day by day due to cost-cutting, politics creeping in.
      Reason they hired such good folks was to build their "brilliant" products.
      Jan 25
  • Microsoft SunRsrsHyd
    Jan 17 0