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FiscalNote condition0
Jan 22 22 Comments

So I'm in the process of onboarding at Google but I'm being asked to choose an username. I suppose my two choices are professional (first initial, last name... Etc.) or personal (nickname).

I'll be a SWE so I won't be interacting outside of the company too much and all of the nicknames I'm considering are playful takes on my real name (nothing unprofessional). However I'm not a fresh college grad, have several years of experience, and believe strongly in professionalism.

Does the culture at Google reward playful names, or am I better playing it safe?


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  • Square / Eng Sraf58
    Choose bingisbetter@
    Jan 22 0
  • Wanking@

    On second thought, an Asian guy probably already has this name legitimately.
    Jan 23 1
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  • Microsoft Goval
    Jan 22 0
  • Oscar / Other Tender
    Jan 22 0
  • RingCentral


    Yahoo, Oath
    One life to live!
    Jan 22 0
  • Microsoft / Biz Dev MemeGenX
    You can always create additional aliases. I'd go with the more official one for your first but doesn't really matter.
    Jan 22 4
    • FiscalNote condition0
      Are the rules for aliases just as strict (historically unique)? How much of a process is it?
      Jan 23
    • Google Eating
      Historically unique. And be googley/don’t be a dumbass and pick an offensive name
      Jan 23
    • Google Eating
      You can also change it later i think
      Jan 23
    • Microsoft / Biz Dev MemeGenX
      I don't think you can change, but you can add more. It's easy (self service form). There are some common sense rules in addition to being historically unique.
      Jan 23
  • Mist Systems Ollly
    Jan 22 2
    • Google UkHq61
      no digits :/
      Jan 22
    • Microsoft / Eng EMof54
      Jan 23
  • LinkedIn Shape of💩
    Can you choose whatever you want? I would tumblr the shit out of it
    Jan 22 0
  • New DvVM00
    Jan 23 0
  • Google / Eng heizer
    Make it short. You will type it often. No need to make it professional.
    Jan 23 0
  • Microsoft ramare
    Jan 23 0
  • Amazon / Eng bananas69
    Jan 22 0
  • Amazon / Eng bananas69
    Jan 22 0
  • Uber Huckabee
    I have a coworker who worked there for a decade and has a pretty playful email id. So, go for it.
    Jan 22 0