Comparable banks to Union Bank?

Google Pomegranat
Jan 5 6 Comments

Curious if anyone knows of any banks that are comparable to Union Bank. Shopping around for a mortgage (with a unique credit situation) and realized they offer some great mortgage rates. Curious if there are other lenders I should look at (have already explored with the super large banks).


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  • New DuQvV7x
    Did you mean Credit Union? Not sure why “Union Bank” is special.
    Jan 5 0
  • First Tech Credit Union / Consultant

    First Tech Credit Union Consultant

    First Tech Federal Credit Union
    Mortgage Consultant at First Tech Credit Union Seattle Market
    Try First Tech Credit Union. Let me know if you need help
    Jan 7 0
  • Google Pomegranat
    Oh are they a credit union? Hadn’t realized.
    Haven’t tried credit unions yet - will explore.
    Will check out PnC bank too.
    @Gambini how did you find a good mortgage broker?
    Jan 6 0
  • NetApp / Eng Ext2
    Also try credit unions
    Jan 5 0
  • Wipro


    Citizen and democrat
    Pnc Bank or WellsFargo
    Jan 5 0
  • Microsoft Gambini
    Good mortgage brokers offer as good or better rates than banks in my experience and do things in a more timely fashion. Bank of America had good rates when I was looking but it took so long with them I ended up going with a broker.
    Jan 5 0