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Bloomberg hiyaa
Aug 25 10 Comments

ecommerce company NYC - SDE2
135k + 10% bonus + 100K stocks over 4 years
GoDaddy Seattle - SDE2
140k + 15% bonus + 45K stocks over 3 years
Mid-size company Bay area - Senior Software Engg
155k + 12% bonus + $30 RSUs over 4 years

Asking for a friend with 5 yoe and current Tc $120k


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TOP 10 Comments
  • Apple MyYO05
    None of these look great.

    Tell your friend to leetcode more.
    Aug 25 0
  • Commvault fml@cv
    I would pick GoDaddy..Seattle is a good city and plenty of good options around..expense wise nyc and Seattle are more or less the same..I wouldn’t choose bay area..way too crowded and highly expensive
    Aug 25 2
    • NVIDIA bayarasuck
      GoDaddy is the JUUL of domain names
      Aug 25
    • bl602
      Is GoDaddy a good work place.. considering growth opportunities?
      Aug 26
  • Microsoft d8VL03
    Is this for sde2 or senior sde?
    Aug 25 3
    • Bloomberg hiyaa
      Aug 25
    • Microsoft d8VL03
      Base is too low for NYC. Which company is it? Should be around 160k
      Aug 25
    • Amazon max9chars
      Is it
      Aug 25
  • Apple onepunch
    Stocks quoted per year?
    Aug 25 1
    • Bloomberg hiyaa
      Aug 25


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