Comparing the engineering life in specific orgs in big companies in the US?

Yahoo / Eng bDjRt
Oct 27 5 Comments

GCP vs AWS vs Azure vs OCI vs Alibaba Cloud vs IBM Cloud

How does the WLB compare in these companies?

How does the pay compare for the same levels?

How does the job stability compare in these companies?

YOE: 7
Currently at Amazon for a year. TC 255K.


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  • Fastmail iquitamzn
    Oct 27 2
    • Yahoo / Eng bDjRt
      Oct 27
    • Fastmail iquitamzn
      Expedia has WLB but most likely you will sing good-bye to your current TC.
      Oct 27
  • Microsoft hisky
    Oct 27 0
  • Amazon vurbdi
    IBM should have good WLB, nothing to do.
    OCI and IBM are dying. GCP has not created anything impactful enough to gain big market share (steal clients).
    Oct 27 0


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