Compass vs Grab

Microsoft nIWL74
May 28 17 Comments

Both in Seattle, package are almost same as below:
Base 180k
RSU 250k/4 years
Signon 30k
Performance bonus: Grab 15%, Compass $70k stocks

Which company should go or stay at Microsoft?

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  • Tell Microsoft you have a counter offer and stay there.
    May 29 4
    • Amazon / Eng sos567
      Why do you say that? Is the work culture bad?
      May 29
    • It’s very bad in Grab. I’m not sure about Seattle. I work out of Singapore
      May 29
    • Grab / Eng

      Grab Eng

      Mail.Ru Group
      ios dev
      Stay with MS
      May 31
    • Grab Ssatay
      Grab culture in Seattle is not great. High turnover.
      Jun 9
  • Compass / Eng

    Compass Eng

    Compass work culture is actually really, really good. I've been here for quite a while, and I've seen the company go through it's ups and downs wrt culture, viability, the like. I've also interviewed around many times before because I was convinced things couldn't improve. But they did and I was lucky enough to stay on board to see it happen. The company is totally different and I encourage you to give it shot; if you're looking to grow your career and work with actual people, not just coworkers or managers, you'll find it at Compass. I can't speak for grab or microsoft, as I've never worked there. I'm not trying to throw shade or sell anything, simply sharing my two cents (albeit a bit biased).
    Jun 6 0
  • Compass zfHl76
    Interesting on your perspective on Compass. Do you think the Compass Concierge is going to take the company to the next level. I think marketing center helped otherwise I still think collections is a big fail and the search functionality is still terrible. I admittedly use streeteasy.
    Jun 7 3
    • Compass / Eng

      Compass Eng

      Streeteasy is very nyc specific, and I would agree with everything that you've said. Compass Concierge IMO is focused more on the customer support and operational aspects of our business model - and it is pretty damn ingenious. That being said, will it take us to the next level? Well, in terms of technology value, obviously not; it has nothing to do with our tech products. Marketing Center is one of the only products that looked at a user problem and solved it; other products appear more like a solution looking for a problem e.g. Collections. I think Deals, Search, Agent Home, Contacts, CRM, Finance Center, and Insights are all technologies that can be great products solving their own niche problem, but we lack organic user adoption and we haven't really had the chance to iterate upon them to have these products actually realize their value. This was a frequent misstep that leadership seemed oblivious of or consciously ignoring whenever they looked at dictating company prerogatives and direction. And while I can't say they made the best decisions, they prioritized the business first, which brought the money in. We're now starting to see the inflection point wherein they are actually focusing on having our tech products deliver real value. The main inflection point where we see our tech as actually being valuable is when we have technology improve agents workflows, and, to a lesser degree, consumer workflows. What I think people get hung up on is the "tech-powered" aspect of our modern "tech-powered" brokerage branding, and correctly so. How big of role will we actually be able to realize in tech for agents workflows? We're not at a point where I personally feel we've proven our worth and justified our valuation. But, the awareness is there, and, from the transparency and subsequent actions leadership has taken, we have clarity and are moving the company unilaterally towards this goal of proving tech is actually valuable to agents. Compass is special in a sense in that we built a business first and now need to prove the technology provides real value. Usually things go the other way: build great product and prove the business. In the next 2 years, we'll have an answer to whether or not Compass will be a big player in tech and real estate space, or just another overvalued company. I honestly think we're at an extremely exciting point in this company, and while some may jump ship because of FUD, I'm gonna ride it through; we've weathered plenty of major storms, but will we breach the thick fog and find the promised land? Fuck if I know, but I'm gonna see where this ship takes me.
      Jun 7
    • Compass zfHl76
      I like you answer and it’s really thought out. I’m on the same ship with you but and also a a pretty deep understanding of all of these items.

      What’s up with deals/ saved search and collections. So much potential but these products literally don’t work well.
      Organization for agents I think would create more money for the company in general. Why aren’t they focusing on the non sexy parts of the business?
      Jun 8
    • Compass 20190318
      As someone who worked on the team for deals, SS, and collections, i can tell you that it's because we were understaffed relative to the scope of the codebase, functionality, remaining needed unfinished work, tech debt, etc.
      Jun 18
  • eBay / Eng Amyyy
    Current TC?
    May 28 1
    • Microsoft nIWL74
      Around 200k
      May 28
  • Lyft ccxdr
    What level is this at Grab? G5/L5?
    Jun 22 0
  • Compass someguy851
    wow very interesting take. I hope you are a manager here and I get to work with you
    Jun 12 0
  • Compass zfHl76
    What’s your role at Compass?
    Jun 10 0
  • Compass / Eng

    Compass Eng

    It's more a matter of time and resources than anything else. We're probably caught up in various promises that take away resources from our products; I think we are trying to double down now through IPO. And, I think we'll get there. Our financials are solid irrespective of our valuation.
    Jun 10 0
  • Microsoft OqDv32
    MSFT will happily match that
    May 30 0