Compensation bands at Flexport?

Jul 12 6 Comments

Interviewing with Flexport soon and was wondering if anyone on here is familiar with the compensation bands for software engineers? If not, sharing your TC and years of experience helps a lot too in ballparking the bands. Thanks!

TC: $110k, 3 yoe :(


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  • Flexport / Eng qazxnmlp
    Purely based on your YoE if you were to receive an offer, you should expect base $130-160k, 10% annual bonus, and RSUs. Stock will be positioned to increase in value 10-30x
    Jul 12 2
    • Thanks for responding. Looks like there are quite a few Flexporters on Blind, but they seem to be hesitant to share information. What do you mean by the stock will be positioned to increase in value? Sorry, I'm not very familiar with how the stock options work as my TC has always been base + bonus.
      Jul 12
    • Groupon PWA
      Let's say they give you $10k worth at current valuation. They will sell on the idea that it will be worth $100k or $300k a few years down the road since it's a fast growth company. Compare to like a Amazon where they might be selling you on like 40% growth.
      Jul 17
  • It's a set number and there is no negotiation. Very interesting place.
    Jul 12 2