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Hallmark jafV21
Mar 11 8 Comments

I was offered a base of $220k for a startup, but they don't offer equity. I'm currently at a well-known company earning $165k with equity and many other nice benefits. Would leaving my current company for a high base for a startup with no other monetary gains be completely stupid?


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  • Glu Mobile PQSK63
    Yes, whole point of start up is to gamble and hit it big when company gets acquired or IPO. If you just looking for higher salary, go to Google, apple, Facebook, Uber etc. They will match that base without any issues.
    Mar 110
  • New sparked
    I mean first a 33% boost is nice.

    That being said, I wouldn’t bother going to a start up that isn’t offering equity; the whole purpose of grinding at a startup is the illusion that you’re gonna cash a huge payday
    Mar 110
  • Hallmark jafV21
    From the posts I've seen on here, the base seems to be pretty low for lots of people working at FAANG...
    Mar 113
    • Akamai Technologies qPVD46
      I really hope most of these people are lying about their TC.
      Mar 11
    • New sparked
      Most people aren’t lying, but completely fail to factor in location. Also everyone likes to use the most optimistic RSU valuation they can find
      Mar 11
    • Akamai Technologies qPVD46
      Well you know. There are scenarios which bring my TC over ten million if stock does a bit better than expected.
      Mar 11
  • CLARA analytics

    CLARA analytics

    Strategy and Analytics
    The USPs for startup are equity in the first place. No equity means you’re not a part of the success of the startup to which you contributed through hours of efforts and letting go of a better WLB at some renowned org.

    Think about it. I don’t see a point in being a part of such a startup.
    Mar 110
  • Facebook public2
    Many startups do cash only and reserve equity for a small handful of people but cash comp is usually super high. See DoubleClick as an example.
    Mar 110

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