Complete Masters while working at Amazon

Amazon duckdonald
Apr 25 2 Comments

I am an engineer at Amazon, working on L1 Visa. Is it possible to obtain a masters degree in tech MS or MTech while working at Amazon? Specific questions:

1. Can I opt for an on campus course?may be weekends course)? Or is it only possible to go for a distance learning course

2. Does L1 or H1 Visa have any restriction on studies?

3. Does Amazon have any programs where it financially supports the study. Many companies have programs where employers finance the studies based on employment contract.


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  • Amazon 22/7
    If you are a top performer and can keep up while in the program, Amazon won’t mind.

    But when you start to miss some deadlines (and drop some balls while juggling many (and what we all do)) your management will probably start thinking that you’re not putting in enough effort because of your distraction. This will make you an easy scapegoat in OLRs.
    Apr 26 0
  • Veritas / Strategy xWfa06
    1 - Do you have the time?
    2 - Don’t think so if you can do full 40 hour work week. But you won’t get other benefits (OPT, Unsure of H1 preference given you love to F1. Best check with lawyer)
    3. Very unlikely.
    Apr 25 0


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