Completely bombed Facebook phone screening interview

May 13 16 Comments

I recently did a phone interview, the position had a lot to do with my current work. Only had a month to leet and study.

Pretty comfortable with leet and cracking the code interview questions. Over the phone panicked and did very bad (questions very easy tho)

Recruiter told me I got a year cool down now. Could I have been blacklisted or something? Do you think that will go on my record forever?


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TOP 16 Comments
  • New / Mgmt Tech smith
    Yes, they black list hard.
    May 13 5
    • OP
      Oh boy, it was a nice 4 week run then haha.

      Sad they are this strict, I really don't think I'm this trash to deserve that :'/
      May 13
    • Juniper Pliny Jr
      Dude, he's pulling your leg.

      You can interview countless times until you pass. There's people that interview over 10 times until they pass.

      Keep at it/improving and keep applying!

      Persistence and preparation will get you your win!

      Good luck!
      May 13
    • Oath FuRRyRoad
      Yeah dude, cool your jets. Your biggest mistake is your attitude, stay positive and keep at it.
      May 14
    • New / Mgmt Vimeo
      Nah bro, they may not advertise it but it sure seems like they have a black list. I applied 3 years ago and tried again recently, no love.
      May 14
    • Juniper Pliny Jr
      Vimeo: I don't know about you but there's countless people who successfully get another interview(s) after the one year/6 month time out. Happens all the time!

      Change recruiters and get referrals. Always stay on top of that shit and you'll get yours.
      May 14
  • Apple mopping
    Same bombed today but got asked LC hard
    May 14 2
    • Facebook / Eng imt
      Do you even leetcode bro?
      May 14
    • New adjkfie
      Was it straight from lc?
      May 14
  • Palo Alto Networks HzFn03
    “(questions very easy tho)”
    Questions are always easy its the damn answer that is difficult.
    May 14 1
    • I did it recently and the question was just a regular string/palindrome stuff. Very textbook.
      May 14
  • New adjkfie
    Now I’m more scared than before my Facebook phone interview is coming up as well ;/////
    May 14 1
    • Dude relax, that's the most difficult part actually. Being chill and focused was the biggest challenge IMO
      May 14
  • Microsoft / Eng u7huyt54
    FB will reach out in about 10 mons time. Just have patience and hope you have learnings
    May 13 0
  • New / Eng

    New Eng

    You are in a calling list, not in the blacklist.
    May 14 0
  • Salesforce carval
    LC level of problem asked?
    May 13 0