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Does speaking at conferences help your Career a lot? If so what level/who does it help and how does it help? Also what kind of talks are just 15 minutes of fame and ones that are more impactful?

Also what conference do you think are the best to talk at?


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  • Proofpoint / Eng foodtruckj
    Yes and no.
    Yes if your talk is insightful and helpful for the audience. You must improve their understand by the end of the talk.

    No if you are throwing together a bunch of slides and filling your presentation with knowledge and explaning buzz words that is already known by some executives/directors in that industry.

    You should do a better job than a video on youtube and that is a high bar to clear.
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    • Amazon / Consultant Steel-man
      I don’t like this response. There’s so many dimensions, not just about impressing someone else. Being a Good conference speaker is one of the biggest moats for someone’s career. Most executives are in a position to talk to an audience of 50-2000. I have never met an exec who’s not able to deliver a decent talk.
      Jan 13
    • Proofpoint / Eng foodtruckj
      Like you said being a good conference speaker is important but so is having good content.

      I have heard talks from IBM VPs and heads of department before and they are low on content and high on buzz words and getting IBM name out there in general public. Some conference talks act as a PR stunt which will never gain you any respect to be hired in future.
      Jan 13
    • Amazon / Consultant Steel-man
      I agree with you, my point being speaker+content > speaker+ nocontent > Being an average presenter+ full content. Note: Almost half of tech exec positions are sales, marketing and a lot of other things + engineering. I work at AWS sales side, I clearly know the value of being speaker in spite of lacking technical depth. Public speaking irrespective of content is a great skill, and you can still garner respect as there’s a lot of opportunities where most of the audience are not even at the base line for any level of technical understanding. Don’t just imagine engineers being your audience, there’s going to be super technical folks who can handle that. Try attending Dreamforce or reinvent and see how some of the talks go.
      Jan 13
    • Proofpoint / Eng foodtruckj
      Good point. Some non technical talks are insightful.
      Jan 13
  • New DvVM00
    it does.

    dental conferences are best, and then machine tool ones
    Jan 13 1
    • Blizzard others
      Your probably the main attraction at any Tool conference
      Jan 13
  • New b37
    I've spoken at academic conferences but those have nothing to do with work, so I voted no.
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  • Aurora bystander!
    Paper@SIGGRAPH 👍🏾
    Talk@SIGGRAPH 👎
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  • fiVn5$!Br
    From my initial impressions, it’s a lot of effort for who knows how much ROI.

    You spend 40+ hours prepping your talk for that 15 min to 1 hour of fame. If you can headline as a speaker (keynote or get on the big stage), you might have new clients and opportunities, or social media followers.

    Seems difficult to get paid as a speaker until you have many more talks under your belt.
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