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Jul 9 22 Comments

I’m facing a weird situation and would like to know what you guys think?

Gave an on-site interview at a series D startup recently and recruiter called back yesterday saying that ‘you are the top candidate’, but team still need a couple of weeks to wrap up other candidates’ interviews. When I mentioned that I have a couple of offers at hand, recruiter consulted the team and called back saying that they would like to move ahead with next steps - 2 online tests (finished them last night)

Today - hiring manager called me and said that you are the top candidate so far and did great in tests, but they need a couple of weeks to make the decision. When I asked - what’s stopping you from making a decision if you guys like me? Manager’s response was that the process is rigorous and would appreciate if I could extend the deadline of my other 2 offers.

Does this make sense? I’m really interested in joining this startup, but not sure if I would be getting an offer. Shall I have a follow up call with the recruiter?

I would really appreciate any insights/advise. Thank you in advance.

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  • Oracle not_larry
    Means they like you, but like someone else more, and that person is waiting for other offers and buying time.
    Jul 9 1
  • Dropbox / Eng bigbeans
    There are 0 callers in front of you. Estimated waiting time is 2 weeks.
    Jul 9 1
  • Amazon / Eng

    Amazon Eng

    This means you are not top candidate, but just a backup or second backup even.
    Jul 9 0
  • Goldman Sachs faith91
    I seems to be as clear as it can be. From the looks of it, they are definitely interested in you and don’t want to lose you but at the same time, they want to make sure that they interview other candidates as well, who have already been scheduled. They want to look out for their best interest and they are being honest about it. Also, it would be unfair to the other candidates if they cancel their interviews because they have chosen you already. It’s a fair game!

    So, the question is: Do you think if you can postpone the deadlines of the other 2 offers? If yes, and you want to join this startup so bad, try to extend the deadlines. If you can’t extend, then you have to make a choice and the ball is in your court!

    All the best!
    Jul 9 8
    • Reddit Ppajq7
      You also have Larry in your name, which is usually male.
      Jul 10
    • Goldman Sachs faith91
      True! And also, it reminded me of ‘Where is Larry?’ from impractical jokers! Not sure if you guys have seen it!

      Fuck, I don’t need to explain myself on this anyway!
      Jul 10
    • Oracle not_larry
      My name is not_larry. So I could be anyone who is not named Larry. Anyways, I am male so Faith here born in 91 is correct.
      Jul 10
    • Goldman Sachs faith91
      Who said I am born in 91? Assume much? 😛
      Jul 10
    • Oracle not_larry
      Jul 10
  • Facebook / Retail bookfacer
    OP, they are jerking you around. If you have other offers tell them you need an answer same day otherwise you need to accept another offer.

    It’s very likely they have another candidate that they have an offer out to or are trying to vet. You are very likely not their top choice. The move that is most likely to get you the offer is to force their hand.

    Like others have said, be prepared to walk away.
    Jul 9 1
    • Rackspace / Eng VecY65
      I had a pretty similar situation a while back. Hate the waiting game, but since I was happy enough with where I was I waited only to be told a week later "It was SO close in the debrief. Everyone liked you for x, but other candidate was better at y. So sorry."

      If I'd been in a situation where I needed to find a job RIGHT NOW and extended or lost out on other offers for it that's a terrible place to be.

      OP, tell them to get moving or take a hike.

      If they don't move, and fast, take one of your actual existing offers over the chance of maybe, possibly, if everything works out, getting this job.
      Jul 10
  • Twitch kTChf7t
    If you want to force their hand be prepared to walk away. Tell them the other companies are not willing to extend their offers further and if they’re interested you would definitely consider their offer. You are right in thinking that if they truly wanted you, they’d make the offer. They are stringing you along to see if they can find someone better. You could delay your other offers and end up losing them, only for this startup to tell you that you didn’t get the job.

    No top candidates will put up with a process like that for a non-FAANG so it should make you wonder how they think they can attract top talent for the future anyway.
    Jul 9 1
    • Microsoft Tattle
      ^This. They likely have other strong candidates in the pipeline and want to give them a shot. If they find someone better, they will go with them. Likewise, if ur other offers aren't good then u can wait otherwise pick what u have. What's that saying? Bird in hand is better than.....
      Jul 9
  • New QmPK72
    Jul 9 0
  • Zuora chswlqa4
    You are the top candidate so far means you are not good enough where they’ll just move ahead with the offer. It’s not a good sign for you. It means you are not a super strong candidate to them. Most likely, they are trying to finish up the process with others they feel more strongly about.

    Just move on unless you really really like this company in which case just wait I guess. They may just realize that they don’t feel that strongly about you in the end, though, and just pass.
    Jul 10 1
    • Zuora chswlqa4
      In these competitive times of recruiting, companies usually try to move ahead ASAP if they find anyone exceeding their bar.
      Jul 10
  • New dBBO43
    Sounds like cloudflare
    Jul 10 0