Considering Intel -> IBM/Amazon/Microsoft transition for Chicago

Intel jupithi
Feb 28 9 Comments

I'm trying to relocate from the West coast (Oregon) to the Midwest to be closer to family. Intel has no presence out in Chicago, but IBM/Microsoft/Amazon is there. I'm a SWE with 15 YoE in designing HW validation software, but typical SW jobs in the area require too much domain knowledge for cloud, microservices, etc. I'm trying to find an infrastructure role that fits my current experience. Any suggestions on teams, titles, positions that I should apply for? If you know of a specific req that's even better. Thanks.


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  • Two Sigma pci bus
    For finance jobs, best is to talk to hunters such Selby Jennings
    Feb 28 0
  • Two Sigma pci bus
    Find in financial area such as high frequency trading. No software industry in Chicago. Google is the only one major software company having presence. Microsoft there is more about sales or integration.
    Feb 28 1
    • Intel jupithi
      I like the idea of the fintech roles because there appears to be good overlap of the existing skillset. I used to work in functional validation and now I'm SWE. Fintech seems a little more hardware-oriented, which is what I've moved away from, but I feel like I still have the knowledge from both sides of the coin. What was your previous experience before joining two-sigma?
      Feb 28
  • IBM uhYq11
    Asks for a job with top three cloud providers in ... anything but cloud? πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
    Mar 6 0
  • Two Sigma pci bus
    Yahoo used(not sure now) to have site in UIUC but that’s an hour away.
    Feb 28 1
    • IBM / Data bbWI22
      2.5 hours
      Mar 1
  • Microsoft


    PRE, Amazon
    Cloud architect customer facing
    Got any big data chops? Lots of demand for that at Oracle in the mid-West
    Feb 28 0
  • Microsoft dynocat
    McDonalds is also hiring. Opportunities to quickly progress into management.
    Feb 28 0


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