Considering move to Salt Lake City--salary comparison?

Lehigh Hanson / Eng xand
Aug 8, 2017 9 Comments

The mountains are calling--better air and much more mild summers than Texas (mostly due to near-0% humidity).

Anyway, I'm a VoIP Engineer with Routing and Switching skills (CCNA R&S--didn't go further because I got dumped into voice). I have ~5 years of experience in ops and a couple in design/build and management as well.

I'm at 105k base + 15% bonus in Dallas. Any chance of getting something similar in SLC? I've heard the market for IT isn't as awesome in Salt Lake as it is in Dallas, but that's true of any place short of the west coast. And there's no way I'm moving there.

Any VoIP/Network engineers in SLC, please sound off!


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  • New kcRQ81
    I'm not a VoIP or network engineer, but I can tell you the air here in SLC is actually some of the worst in the nation during the winter months. This is due to an environment inversion that locks in vehicle and industrial pollution. It can get really bad. That said, a short drive up into the mountains gets you free from the pollution.
    Aug 8, 2017 3
    • Lehigh Hanson / Eng xand
      That's what my brother said, although apparently last winter wasn't too bad? I'm willing to brave the winters because of the summers.

      Thanks for the info!
      Aug 8, 2017
    • New / Other

      New Other

      startups, Google, selfmade
      lived in Utah for over four years. I agree with this. there is poor public transportation to combat this. however, if you want to go to the mountains when it's nice, be prepared to be surrounded by a bunch of people and families.
      Aug 8, 2017
    • FireEye |||[[]] <>
      SLC and surrounding areas actually have above average availability of public transportation.
      With Trax + front runner plus the bus system connecting to Trax and front runner.
      It's a decent system.
      Apr 15, 2018
  • New / Other tigga
    Dallas is a bit cheaper than SLC. You might have a bit of trouble finding the salary you want. The air is truly terrible. Like it's really bad. Also, if you're not Mormon, be prepared to get upset about the lack of separation of church and state. If you have kids, the schools are pretty awful and the Mormon vs non-Mormon culture in schools is too real. PM me if you want more info. I've lived in Texas and SLC.
    Aug 8, 2017 0
  • Lehigh Hanson / Eng x826
    If the schools really are worse than Texas, perhaps I'll remain here...

    I was raised Mormon, but have been agnostic for years. Much of my family is still Mormon, but by brother who lives in SLC isn't Mormon anymore, either. His group of close friends...also not Mormon. So I felt good about that part of it. .

    Separation of church and state is important to me, so that's also unfortunate.

    Thanks for the info!
    Aug 9, 2017 1
    • FireEye |||[[]] <>
      In my own experience, as an "inactive" Mormon, The "separation of church and state" criticism is extremely overstated.
      Apr 15, 2018
  • New / Other tigga
    The schools are absolutely worse than Texas. In Salt Lake county they have had a lot of trouble finding teachers, so they have opened it up so anyone with a bachelor's degree can now be a teacher. I'm not necessarily saying that is bad, but I think it is telling of the lack of emphasis on education if they can't find any teachers.

    Sorry if I come off as too cynical, but I just moved out of Utah (back to Texas!) for these very reasons--so it's all fresh in my mind.
    Aug 9, 2017 0


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