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Shell / Supply/Log sweetbruh
Jul 7 13 Comments

Does anyone have any insight on how to break into top consulting firms (McKinsey, Bain, & BCG) as an experienced hire? They usually recruit from Ivy League undergrads and then top 10 mba programs, but I’ve heard recently they’ve started hiring more experienced hires.

Experience: 4 years in supply chain in oil and gas


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  • Consulting seems wack man
    Go to top ten mba only to sacrifice all work life balance to do some mundane work that the client will only do their way anyway
    Jul 7 7
    • Shell / Supply/Log sweetbruh
      Yeah that’s rough, but I’m already in the middle of nowhere. Full time based in a tiny city with a population of 15k where the average age is 50 haha

      Plus I’m all about the short term pain for long term success. I’d sit in middle of nowhere Wyoming for 3 years if that’s what it took to get what I want
      Jul 7
    • McKinsey / Consultant @valyria
      Lol - great advice from someone at SAP
      Jul 19
    • Shell / Supply/Log sweetbruh
      I take it you disagree? I’ve heard nothing but good things about MBB
      Jul 19
    • McKinsey / Consultant @valyria
      I am not going to argue that all work done by MBBs is global impact “blue sky” strategy work - but anything MBB firms touch is worlds apart from “setup Saleforce and make it work with MS Access” type of work that Accenture/PwC/SAP would do
      Jul 19
    • Shell / Supply/Log sweetbruh
      Any advice on getting in as an external hire without having to get my mba?
      Jul 20
  • McKinsey / Consultant SirIan
    See if there are any experienced hire networking events organised by MBB in any of the cities and try to go there. Get in touch with anyone you know who works at these companies and see if you can get a referral. I don’t think there are any other ways if you don’t want to get an MBA.

    With 4 YOE, at McK you will probably be looking at a Jr. Associate level ( I have seen folks with 3 YOE also come in as a BA)
    Jul 11 1
    • Shell / Supply/Log sweetbruh
      Thanks, yeah I thought that’d be the case.
      Jul 12
  • Bain & Company uqRH20
    Don’t do it. Not worth it
    Jul 8 1
    • Shell / Supply/Log sweetbruh
      Lol, guys I appreciate the warnings, but again it’s something I’m striving for based on information from people at other firms or who used to work there. If I hate it then I can always come back to industry.

      Since you’re at Bain, any details about it you can share on how to get in?
      Jul 8
  • Mu Sigma ERhl51
    Will be difficult with just 4 years experience. A masters degree will help. Best bet is try to break into knowledge services groups. But very difficult to get into consulting without an MBA. Also, don't fall for the forming long relationship with clients BS. Clients usually do what they want. Consultants are used for validation/doing the unpopular thing.
    Jul 7 0


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