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May 9 15 Comments

Just got back on it after having kids. Hormone roller coaster making it hard to concentrate. What are you other ladies on? Any hormone-free success stories?



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  • Blackbaud / Eng azrj51
    If you’re done, the best option might be to have your man get a vasectomy. Why should you have to deal with either crazy hormones or super shitty periods until menopause? Or use condoms, that works too, but they’re not as effective, so you should have a plan for if you get pregnant again.
    May 9 4
    • Apple industry
      Agreed get your man snipped
      May 9
    • Twitter Oomnj
      His body, his choice ?
      May 9
    • Microsoft baaaallls
      Just snip it. Plus it makes office love less risky.
      May 9
    • New / Mgmt

      New Mgmt

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      I was on birth control for about 6 months - made me so sick I hated it. Will never do it again. 20’years of sex (without trying to have kids) and just taking simple precautions- like watch calendar- I’ve never been pregnant. Seems that when most women - especially after 30 - have to try to get pregnant, staying unpregnant isn’t that hard without drugs
      May 9
  • Adobe KbTJ88
    Ask your man to use a hat, he seems to be a dumbass who make you take chemicals, the long term effects of which no body has studied well
    May 9 5
    • Arthrex QeWE06
      Are you one of those anti-vaxxers? Shocking news your body is made of these chemicals lol
      May 10
    • Adobe KbTJ88
      Nope I am all for vaccination, birth control pills bring a whole different set of problems which can be avoided by using simpler rubber
      May 10
    • Arthrex QeWE06
      Maybe you should start reading some published papers on the pills. These pills have helped women with so many reproductive related issues. Same as how all the medications are, one pill doesn't fit all. You need to find the one which fits your health level. Sex with condoms are horrible. When humans are advancing in medical and technology so much why are we always reversing and going back to stone age?
      May 10
    • Adobe KbTJ88
      YVMV, don’t get so agitated bro/sis. Take a chill pill and enjoy the TC
      May 10
    • Arthrex QeWE06
      Science is not YVMV. If educated people like you (hopefully) propagate wrong information and stop all the medical advances we have. Maybe you should start having sex without condom and see how pleasurable it is lol so you will advocate good science advice. K bye
      May 10
  • Copper IUD is very effective, although not 100% effective, with little side effect
    May 9 1
    • Intel / Eng Who.Dis
      My girlfriend has experienced HUGE negative side effects. Every period for her is way more debilitating. She sleeps extended hours for ~3 days and has bad cramping for nearly a week. Plus the flow is a lot larger. Finally, the size of the device alone introduces a much larger risk of hysterectomy and a much more painful procedure.
      May 10
  • Intel Act2016
    Pull out
    May 9 0
  • Medtronic LogicNah
    Using Mirena IUD for over 2 years. Works like a charm.
    May 10 0