Contract @ Google/Facebook?

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In a pickle and hoping for some advice/interesting views to help me make a tough decision. Current YOE 9, TC ~$190k.

Summary: I recently interviewed for non-tech FTE roles at Facebook and Google but am now looking at contract roles at both. Tl; dr: stay put in a good job in a dying industry, or assume some risk to get a nice logo on the resume?

I don’t want to disclose any sensitive info but here are the relevant details:

Role 1 was switched last minute from FTE to a contract-to-hire status due to a change in headcount. Made it through hiring committee with a recommendation to hire. Hiring exec offering contract, really wants me, and promises to push for conversion when headcount opens in several months. Target level: L6 but won’t know for sure until (and if) conversion happens. Dream job with a lot of risk.

Role 2 fell through because a candidate ahead of me in the hiring process did well so an offer went out and was accepted. Per the recruiter, the feedback on me was positive so they’re trying to find a team interested in me. I’m expecting a several month process, if not a year. In parallel, a different team offered me a contract oppty while I interview for FTE roles on other teams.

Wasn’t expecting to go contract but that might be a viable option for several months to a year. No kids, mortgage, or partner to factor into this decision. I negotiated a comparable hourly rate at each company so money isn’t the main driver here.

I’m hoping to get some advice from fellow blinders:

1) Is a contract role at either Google or Facebook worth it just to get the name on my resume? Upgrading from my current company is a no-brainer but I’m also far along in the process at Uber and Lyft for FTE roles and can always see things through there. Unfortunately, ridesharing isn’t my first choice of industry and the teams I’d be on at Google and FB are doing really interesting work.

2) Do if I need to disclose on LinkedIn that it’s a contract? Advice online is mixed so an wondering if anyone on Blind has been in this situation. Maybe I’m being silly, but part of me would rather “go dark” on LinkedIn for several months rather than advertise contractor status. (I understand that I don’t have to disclose on my resume that it’s a contract role, but LinkedIn is another (very public) situation.) Never been a contractor before and strongly dislike the stigma; in fact, I have fought very hard for employers/FTEs to treat contractors with more respect throughout my career.

3) Has anyone here had a positive experience leveraging contact work at Google or FB for FTE roles elsewhere—including at one of these companies?

Thanks for your input!



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  • Google uzaname
    I've seen quite a few people in my org switching from contract to FTE recently. Also if L6 is the target level you would get a nice pay bumb compared to your current TC. I would take the risk, especially in your situation.
    Apr 7 5
    • OP
      Any guess as to why your org is converting people?
      Apr 7
    • Google uzaname
      They got headcount and people have proved themselves
      Apr 8
    • Google mj8awr
      Plenty of others never are able to convert. You still have to do an interviewing loop and few get hired at higher levels
      Apr 9
    • OP
      Right, that’s my concern.

      I’m trying to negotiate that part. The hiring mgr said that I got a strong hire recommendation from all the interviewers so I’m working with the hiring exec to get this documented in the hopes of bypassing some of the process IF I convert. It’s worth a shot—the fact that my offer got killed right between hiring recommendation and compensation review sucks so I think the hiring team is doing their best to cut me a good deal.

      In terms of level, I negotiated a high level in my contract. I doubt future employers will care, but it’s something.
      Apr 9
    • OP
      @mj8awr - Right, and I anticipate getting down-leveled should I get an FTE offer @ Google (I’m still making the rounds as my goal is an FTE role).
      Apr 21
  • Facebook / Other qx
    Contract at Facebook/Google doesn’t mean much from my personal POV. Wait for an FTE opportunity.
    Apr 7 3
    • OP
      My concern is that I’ll be shunned at the submission stage. If any hiring mgrs are on and care to comment on contractor bias, would be appreciated...
      Apr 7
    • Facebook / Other qx
      At FB I have not seen positive outcomes for many contractors to be honest. It’s a very tough situation.
      Apr 7
    • OP
      Right. I’ve been on the headcount definition side and you never know which department will ultimate get headcount. Even when a dept head is desperate for add’l HC, if company priorities change, HC is killed and there’s nothing a contractor’s manager can do.
      Apr 7
  • Indeed ind00d
    You work at the Gap currently? I would take the contract, it'll build your resume and then you can convert to FTE if you're lucky or move to another tech company but you'll be set for awhile with those names on your resume.
    Apr 7 0
  • Gap / Eng randUser
    Holy shit I just realized there was another gap employee interviewing with Google

    Best of luck!!! Did you make a choice?
    Apr 19 1
    • OP
      There are many of us, actually...good luck to you, too! My one piece of advice is to relax and let them into your mind @ Google. Interviewing there is actually really fun if you can manage to do that.

      I chose FB as the work I’ll be doing there has more visibility and impact, plus I’m very excited about the project I’ll be working on. Oh and my manager is someone I deeply admire.
      Apr 21

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