Contracting to Full Time, Worth It ?

T-Mobile AK_PK
Sep 16 10 Comments

Currently a contractor getting 130k, have an offer (full time) with JPMC for 135K plus bonus.

There's no reason for me to leave other than the two words "full time". I am only thinking about the following.

My current employer confirmed they will start processing my GC (perm, labor) etc. in the next two months, where as JPMC claims they'll do it in a year's time.

Good to trust - JPMC on the GC part ?

PS: Do you think the package is justified for 10 yoe at JPMC ?


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TOP 10 Comments
  • eBay youknow2
    Do both have 401k?
    And what is the bonus at JPM
    Sep 16 3
    • T-Mobile AK_PK
      bonus 35k, no contracting doesnt have 401k
      Sep 18
    • eBay loilo
      135k+35k bonus + 401k+being a full time employee

      I would take the full time offer
      Sep 18
    • Compass 905
      What’s the match at JPM? When does it vest?

      Those are two major thoughts.
      Sep 23
  • Fox News / Eng

    Fox News Eng

    15 YOE in Java, includes 8 YOE in Android.
    1) Do your numbers again. Really $130K a year? Or is it more like $105K more or less, after 10 national holidays, 20 vacation days to your home country, and some more loss of pay here and there? 2) Also, in effect, all years as a Consultant will add up to 0 when switching to FTE. So yeah, I had lost 11 years and will never be a Senior Engineer any time soon. FTE >>>> Consulting..
    Sep 16 1
    • T-Mobile AK_PK
      Yeah, True. Totally agree. Just needed some reassurance.
      Sep 18
  • Wells Fargo gy123dgbn
    Think from career growth perspective. contractors are always sidelined but in FTE you can grow and can be lead in few years. FTE is always better than contracting.
    Sep 16 1
    • T-Mobile AK_PK
      Sep 18
  • AT&T MsdR32
    I'd bet in the next recession contractors fare worse than FTE's. FTE is usually safe and also better for career growth.
    Sep 16 1
    • T-Mobile AK_PK
      Thanks. This helps.
      Sep 18