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Jun 8 9 Comments

I have an offer for a 3 month contract Software position at Cisco.
I wanted to know how likely it is for them to extend the contract or to get hire.


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  • Google / Eng
    Why leave Uber for a contract role at Cisco?
    Jun 8 1
    • Cisco help-desk
      Yeah that’s strange! But yeah also contractors can be extended for years and years
      Jun 8
  • Cisco / Eng

    Cisco Eng

    Convergence from contract to fulltime isn't very easy. Things that will impact would be { project type, supervising manager, business units budget, project impact }. During budget cuts contracts are also the first ones to get laid off, something to think about.

    In addition, if you have to extend your contract your manager needs to fight for the budget for next quater for your extension.

    Hope this helps.
    Jun 8 0
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  • Cisco JUio06
    But remember once your in you can always look around. I did 10 years ago i was red for 3 months and had 2 directors for 2 diffrent BU's trying to hire me.. If you really want to work at Cisco and do not have an in and your proactive when landing youll do fine
    Jun 8 0
  • Cisco VKFU58
    What BU / Project is the offer for?
    Jun 8 0
  • Palo Alto Networks wastelife
    Jun 8 0
  • Rakuten rzpt04
    Jun 8 0
  • Cisco ursomad
    Easy to have it extended if you’re good. You can work there for years
    Jun 8 0


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