Conversion from Facebook to Facebook AI research engineer

New / R&D indiacrick
May 15 6 Comments

Have engineers in Facebook moved to work in their research division? If yes, what are the instances?


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  • Facebook vFfi02
    Don't do it. You'll be treated like 2nd class and just clean datasets all day
    May 16 2
    • New pqpwi
      Have been a research swe or worked with one before?
      May 16
    • Careem gyzpaq5581
      I find that difficult to believe with ai being all hype.
      May 16
  • Careem gyzpaq5581
    What about DS (product) to FAIR?
    May 15 0
  • New ◾️
    May 15 0
  • Microsoft ————-
    No, totally different profiles.
    May 15 0


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