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SAP tiipo
Oct 27 8 Comments

Took a flight to interview for a Tier 2 company.
Met someone on the flight to get referral for Microsoft, while returning met another person on the flight to get referral at Salesforce.
New grad
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  • The life of a software engineer. So glad I decided to major in CS with the job market the way it is.
    Oct 27 5
    • SAP tiipo
      can I get referral for Google, Bro ?
      Oct 27
    • Amazon XVoh87
      It's no way a good job market. There are way more engineers than there are positions. The tech talent shortage is imaginary because of a broken interview process.
      Oct 27
    • Citadel / Eng

      Citadel Eng

      EPAM Systems
      Found someone who haven't seen bad market. 👆🏻
      Oct 28
    • it's definitely not a good job market for entry people, but not as bad as other fields definitely. The best entry market by far, but still bad.
      Oct 28
    • Still better than for entry level history or even mechanical engineering majors
      Oct 28
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    • New / Eng 00ck52
      I recently went through a two month job search. None of my referrals panned out. Most of my best opportunities where from recruiter directly reaching out or I applied without referral.
      Oct 27
  • American Express AmexMex
    @IBM, Nothing is less true. Referrals still open more interview doors than out of the blue application.
    Oct 27 0


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