Could you refer me for any finance related companies?

Apple / Eng

Apple Eng

Just an another engineer. Hoping to find a few friends here :)
Jun 14 7 Comments

I am a back end developer and has around 9 years of development experience in Java, J2EE, Oracle, MongoDB.

I will send my resume and LinkedIn profile over to you if you are interested in referring me for any of the following companies.

Credit Suisse

or any finance related companies or trading related companies in particular!

Thank you in advance!

Suppose, you wonder why Apple to another company?
I love working in finance domain.


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  • BlackRock goethe
    swes around me, ie swes in banks and investment managers, have been moving over to faang’s and the like.

    There are far fewer quant jobs nowadays at banks and they dont pay as much as before.

    High paying finance jobs left are in hft hedge funds, as quants and not as swe’s.
    Aug 3 2
    • Google dallasbulk
      Thx so only high paying job is quant in hedge funds? Even SWE in hedge fund is in low pay? But I heard 2S/citadel pay lot for SWE?
      Aug 3
    • BlackRock goethe
      What I meant was that swe’s in hft’s like 2s, citadel do get paid well, but not as much as quants.
      Aug 3
  • Google NoHR1044
    Jul 15 0
  • BlackRock goethe
    Can I ask why those four companies in your list? Everyone I know is trying to leave finance. And I would not recommend Crddit Suisse, Moody’s, nor UBS :)
    Aug 3 1
    • Google dallasbulk
      Why everyone leaves finance? By everyone you mean software engineer? What about quant? I’m interested in finance too.
      Aug 3
  • Amazon iSteveJobs
    Why don’t you move to Apple Credit card team?
    Jun 14 0