Counterflow? Considering move from Austin to Bay Area.

New lbnx16
Oct 9 12 Comments

I’m considering a job offer in San Francisco. Live in Austin now and make about normal for tech salary here, maybe a bit on the high side. I have multiple kids in elementary school who walk to school and play with neighborhood kids their age.

Bay Area prices look like Monopoly money by comparison and the equity in my house now wouldn’t even be a down payment on a single family home that I can see.

Where should I be looking if I don’t think TC will cover private school and want the kids to have access to decent schools?


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  • Oracle


    Don’t do it.
    Oct 9 1
  • Amazon max9chars
    Don't do it. Don't. Just don't. Remind yourself, every breathing moment, how fortunate you are to be where you are right now. Don't do it. Just don't do it. Nope. Nada. Don't. Big mistake. Just stay put. Don't do it.
    You get it, hopefully.
    Oct 9 0
  • Stay there and look for FAANG opportunities in Austin itself
    Oct 9 1
    • Indeed zxcvv
      I think the best pay in Austin are Amazon Google Indeed. FB not big in Austin not a engineering office. Netflix no. Heard scary stories of Austin Apple, not a great place to work.
      Oct 10
  • Airbnb dei76h5
    For a SFH and multiple kids you should be looking for double your TC in Austin. Keep in mind you’ll live in a shack here, traffic will be much worse, and your kids will grow up in a much less healthy tech-focused environment.
    Oct 9 0
  • Bank of America Yaab78
    That’s a biggggg change. I just moved from Bay Area to NYC and can’t believe how wonderful and economical New York is by comparison. Plus, Bay Area is not very diverse in terms of types of people, jobs, professions, etc.
    What TC are you working with for both Austin and SF? Are you sole breadwinner?
    Oct 9 0
  • Unless it’s 3X salary
    Oct 9 0
  • Facebook / Data g4ever
    Ooo bad move!!
    Oct 9 0
  • Google / Eng Cuekhkws
    You would need TC of at least $600k to live the lifestyle you are living.
    Oct 11 0
  • Google / Eng Cuekhkws
    TC or GTFO
    Oct 11 0
  • Zyzyxtech TimZuck
    Bay Area is already crowded. Don’t move here.
    Oct 9 0


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