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Amazon oDMc34
Jan 23 17 Comments

Currently working at Amazon as a Sr Product Manager Technical (L6 PM-T) for over four years. Joined as L6 Sr Product Manager and last year moved to PM-T role. Current TC is $240K (with base $150K) after quite much appreciation in RSUs. Expecting a promo to Principal PM-T in Q3 2019. I am not sure how much raise I will get. Total experience 12 years (5 years as PM and 7 years as software engineer).

Received an offer from Coupang for Sr Manager, Product Management role with

Base: $200K
Joining Bonus: $30K
Stock Options: 40K vesting over 4 years @ 10K options per year
Annual Bonus: average 10% (it can range from 0% to 20% based on individual performance and company performance)

Location: Seattle

I am not sure when Coupang will have IPO when their stock options will have value.

Given this, is this offer lucrative?



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    • Amadeus Trick2g
      How do they pay their senior engineers with about 6 yoe? Can they pay more than 200k tc?
      Jan 23
  • Amazon Valleygir1
    Why join if the TC is less
    Jan 23 1
    • Amazon oDMc34
      1. My RSU grant is decreasing year over year at Amazon. So total TC will reduce until 2) Amazon stock keeps doubling every two years or 2) I get promoted where I get more RSU grant
      2. The offered TC from Coupang comes at 200+20+70 = $290K given if I consider stock options worth what they are telling that current valuation is at $9B with $9 per stock option. Strick price is $1.9. + they are offering $30K joining bonus.
      Jan 23
  • savyasachi
    Hey op any update? Were you able to negotiate? How was the exp ? I got an offer for a principal engineer today and they were just throwing some numbers. If I accept their offer, overall I would be loosing like 150k. I was speechless. May be its time for me to try faangs only.
    Mar 6 0
  • Stock should be higher. Ask for 200k
    Jan 23 2
    • Amazon oDMc34
      40K stocks at about $280K value for four years. Do you mean 200K stocks or $200K worth stocks?
      Jan 23
    • At 9b valuation and you have to minus the strike price as well. I would ask for way more.
      Jan 23
  • rand.randm
    No , if you join WalmartLabs ( assuming you are in the valley) you will make more
    Jan 23 1
    • Amazon oDMc34
      What is TC range at WalmartLabs for a Sr manager, PM role? I was recently contacted by their recruiter for a Sr PM role and they were not even close to match my current TC.
      Jan 23
  • Oracle Numbats
    Is this in Seattle?
    Jan 23 1
  • Amazon krackjax
    Mind shooting some pointers on how to switch from Dev to PMT at Amazon?
    Jan 23 1
    • Amazon oDMc34
      My engineering experience is not from Amazon. I did full time MBA to switch to a PM role. Sometime, I regret this switch as engineers are well over paid than PMs. :)
      Jan 23
  • Amazon Seattle6
    I rejected their offer. I got promoted to Principal PM last quarter. Only small increase in base from the promo.
    Dec 6 0
  • Amazon Mjggb
    Did you finally negotiate?
    Jun 26 0
  • rand.randm
    Sr PM makes more than 240K at WalmartLabs.
    Jan 27 0
  • Microsoft naaam
    Stay for principal for sure
    Jan 23 0


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