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Nov 8 8 Comments

So I just finished a loop with Coupang for a Sr. data engineer in Seattle.
About the company >> Coupang is korean Amazon .. due to restrictions Korean market is not open to outsiders so this company is growing like crazy. They opened up shop in seattle to absorb amazon & microsoft folks. And thats what you will find there.
The people in Seattle office >> Like it or not, its full of amazon folks. It was a big turn off for me personally cos am sure they bring that culture with them as well. Some of the folks were actually rude in the panel. I guess working in amazon makes them superior human beings of some sort .. lol
The office looked absolutely empty. Maybe bcos most of them work odd hours trying to keep overlap with Seoul, Korea.

General telephonic round. What seemed weird was that they ask you to write spark code in telephonic & onsite rounds. Never seen any company do that.
Onsite was 5 rounds , 1hr each. 30mins for lunch (kinda tight). They do most stuff in spark sql so lot of stress on sql & spark. Expect to write full spark code on white board.

Overall not where I would look forward to work specially in Seattle market. I guess folks are hanging in there for the IPO .. i heard everyone in the panel bring that up .. haha ..


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  • Coupang harty
    Don't join, Coupang will treat you as garbage. The companies valuation will be one or two billion and not 20B. Guys in the data platform are not software engineers, most of them are from test and sql background and made it to the management. Every one in the management are incompetent and throw you under the bus at any moment. They are hiring you to fix some structural issues, once you fixed they will let you go.
    In coupang there is no data platform, it's just a wrapper over few aws services. Don't expect to work on any good stuff which adds value to you resume, all you will do is pure bs to your manager.
    Nov 9 0
  • Facebook neco
    They are not the Korean Amazon! They face many other ecommerce competitors and have low marketshare whereas Amazon is by far the most dominant ecommerce company in the us. Their financials are crap and won't ipo anywhere near the future. They always tell recruits that they are 1.5 years from ipo but that's been the lie for many years
    Nov 8 2
    • Microsoft indiasian
      When they contacted me 3 years ago, the recruiter also told they were planning IPO in a year ๐Ÿ˜‚
      Nov 8
    • Facebook neco
      Exactly! Their recruiters are scums
      Nov 8
  • Coupang I junk
    Why do you want to move forward, salary is bad, options are useless, bonus will be close to zero. Vacation policy sucks, only 2 day sick time off.
    Nov 9 0
  • New USLU63
    Interviewed there two years ago. They were saying the same thing back then about the IPO. It is used quite a lot in Korea. I wouldn't suggest working for a Korean company the culture will be very different.
    Nov 15 0
  • Data Engineer at Coupang is fine. Theyโ€™ll give you a high base and decent options but the company as a whole is difficult. Youโ€™ll be expected to work at night to sync with the Korea team and that can be challenging if you have a family. Itโ€™s not worth it compared to a FAANG because their options are expected to be worth $15-$30 based on a 20bn to 30bn evaluation and a strike price of ~$2.00
    Nov 8 0
  • Samsung


    Stressed out but surviving
    Coming from Samsung I doubt coupang is much different. Seat of power is in Korea and the real decision makers are often Koreans. You are another worker bee
    Nov 8 0


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