Crappy LinkedIn Profiles

Honeywell / Eng that1guy
Feb 23 10 Comments

I see a lot of LinkedIn profiles of very experienced software engineers with top jobs, that are just crappy. I see a bunch of profile photos that look like a ‘98 flip phone took it. Once you hit managers and executives you start getting the suits and professional headshots.

But wouldn’t you say that a decent headshot, nice summary, work details, etc is beneficial to helping land jobs? Sure most of the deciding factor is the actual experience, referrals, etc. But I would think people would spend at least some time on their profile, even if it helps them a little bit get seen, or be seen in a positive light when the recruiter cross checks the LinkedIn profile before responding.

Or does a 5 minute profile really have no difference to a well thought out profile for software engineers? What’s the quality level of your LinkedIn profile?


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  • Uber


    Do software engineers even rely on LinkedIn profile details to find jobs? For us LinkedIn is merely a click bait for recruiters. The real conversation starts during that initial recruiter phone call. Mere job history is enough for recruiters to start a conversation with SWEs.
    Feb 23 0
  • Oracle fatalflaw
    LinkedIn only makes you feel you're connected. I've never got anything other than news and memes from it. Many execs don't even bother with it. The real deals happen offline.
    Feb 23 0
  • Square hcxeb
    I intentionally troll on my LinkedIn profile because so many people take it so seriously and I think it’s hilarious.
    Feb 23 0
  • Microsoft / Other

    Microsoft Other

    Moosejaw, Google
    Beware of elves
    Maybe they just don’t care?
    Feb 23 0
  • Fareportal / Eng

    Fareportal Eng

    JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America, 500 Startups
    Hey I have another question for you Whats the salary estimated for PRincipal Architect at your company
    Feb 23 1
    • Honeywell / Eng that1guy
      You can’t be directing that at me....
      If you are, just forget about it lol. It’s low low low if you’re in the valley. If you’re in Atlanta it’s not too bad
      Feb 23
  • Airbnb NasirMack
    All you need are some buzz words and a few big names there to get recruiters high
    Feb 23 0
  • Google soaa
    Who still uses LinkedIn?
    Feb 23 0
  • New GtLJ67
    It's better to have a photo than not, so the profile looks legit. Just list work history and degree and recruiters will email you if you have >2 YOE
    Feb 23 0
  • Lockheed Martin Qn888gh
    Sometimes less is more
    Feb 23 0


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