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Jun 6 9 Comments

Summary (Copied from articles below) :

Salesforce delivered significantly better-than-expected first quarter financial results after the bell Tuesday. The CRM giant reported non-GAAP earnings of 93 cents per share, compared to the 61 cents expected by Wall Street. The company's Q1 revenue was $3.74 billion, up 24% year over year. Analysts were expecting revenue of $3.68 billion

Breaking subscription revenues down by segment, Sales Cloud revenue was $1.1 billion, Service Cloud revenue was $1 billion, Marketing and Commerce Cloud revenue was $600 million, and Salesforce platform and other revenue was $800 million. delivered its 13th consecutive all-round beat, with impressive margin expansion helping to boost the bottom line

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  • Salesforce GH6538
    Boring ass products make the world run buddy. Where the fuck would you be without trucks and food?
    Jun 6 3
    • New / Eng blindor
      Food is boring? You must not know much about it, I guess Salesforce doesn’t really provide any of it to its “valued” employees while it’s “running the world”
      Jun 7
    • Salesforce GH6538
      Um salesforce pays enough for us to afford food buddy.
      Jun 8
    • New / Eng blindor
      Nice, buddy 😂 Aloha!
      Jun 8
  • Salesforce GH6538
    Lol still a rocket ship after 20 years. Crushing it.
    Jun 6 0
  • New / Eng blindor
    Boring ass product no matter how you package it or market it
    Jun 6 0
  • Microsoft / Eng nghtblood
    What is the poll even about? What can you possible gain by the results of this poll with these choices!!?
    Jun 6 1
    • New DORw35
      Two of options to check how people react to this kind of articles and two other to show how human nature works. Pretty sure you can match those.
      Jun 6
  • eBay / Eng

    eBay Eng

    American Express, Morgan Stanley
    Looks like we missed that boat
    Jun 6 0


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