Cross country road trip

Apple G Shastri
Apr 26 16 Comments

Any suggestion on which route to take and which month will be better? Please do share your experience.


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  • Oracle coolbr
    If you take the north route, there’s a guy with bee beard. But south route, you can see a chicken that plays tic tac toe.
    Apr 26 4
  • NIO / Eng st8shooter
    Apr 26 2
    • Apple G Shastri
      I90 does look awesome! Any suggestions for must stops?
      Apr 26
    • NIO / Eng finacntdwn
      Make sure you take detours if necessary to see these spots:

      Olympic National Park
      My. Rainier National Park
      Glacier National Park
      Yellowstone National Park
      The mountains North East of Yellowstone
      Apr 27
  • Intel RobertSwan
    Not exactly cross country but I enjoy driving up to British Columbia and back on the pacific coast in late summer. Lots of pretty sceneries and some nice open roads...
    Apr 26 0
  • Northrop Grumman / Eng the_curio
    Check out the Roadtrippers App
    Apr 26 1
    • Apple G Shastri
      Thanks i will check it.
      Apr 26
  • Amazon optocus
    +1 on the us 101 trip
    Apr 27 0
  • Google arUb75
    Route 66 has the highest number of interesting touristic attractions. Around April or October.
    Apr 26 0
  • Microsoft xVeQ24
    Apr 26 1
    • Apple G Shastri
      Why not? I just mean to ask reason.
      Apr 26
  • DM me. I just did one 9 months back.
    Apr 27 0