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Recently contacted by cruise Automation. Heard it is already acquired by GM. Does that mean there is no chance to go to IPO to earn a lot of money when joining at this point?
If it is not going to IPO, how’s Pay like for engineers?


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    • Cruise Automation jefeb
      This is just so wrong by Google lol
      Feb 14
    • Cruise Automation

      Cruise Automation

      Cruise Automation
      It was already spun off with its own stock options not tied to GM. LMGTFY
      Feb 14
    • Cruise Automation opet40
      Totally wrong.
      Feb 14
    • Unity breadz
      Lmao someone didn’t google their research
      Feb 14
    • Cruise Automation dKRq30
      someone from Blind needs to take that top commenter tag back
      Feb 14
  • Cruise Automation dheofhsh
    We get private RSUs for Cruise, not GM. Which aren't liquid until a liquidation event.
    Feb 14 3
    • Cruise Automation newstar
      This. RSU separate from GM stock price for all new incoming employees. Treat equity as you would other pre IPO equity.
      Feb 14
    • AppDynamics / Eng software g
      So what happens if you leave before liquidation event. Do you get to keep your vested RSUs? Also are RSUs taxed on vest or are they deferred till liquidation event happens.
      Feb 14
    • Cruise Automation ElopedMusk
      It’s a double trigger rsu. Not taxable until liquidation event. Uber, lyft and others have the same structure
      Feb 14
  • Cruise Automation opet40
    Offers are very strong right now. There’s a very heavy cash bonus (up to 50% of your base in some offers) as well as private RSU’s that have a standard double trigger.

    The new CEO’s 10k filing recently revealed that his compensation is dependent on him bringing the company to a change of control or an IPO within 10 years.
    Feb 14 10
    • Cisco / Eng tPCg44
      The team I am interviewing with is not ML, they need C++ generalists. I consider myself pretty strong in C++, especially modern C++. How does Cruise decide on leveling, is it on past exp or interview perf or mixture of both?

      Is the above offer the initial hire offer or have you been at Cruise for a long time and gotten refreshers.
      Feb 15
    • Cruise Automation opet40
      It’s a mixture of both. I’ve been here less than a year: the offer make up changed a lot after the SoftBank investment, prior to that involved GM stock rewards and annoying things around that. As of July last year or so, all the offers are private equity RSU.
      Feb 15
    • Cruise Automation bagmonster
      Most people come in at senior, in most teams it's pretty hard to get staff title off the bat unless you have some super relevant domain experience and are a proven technical leader. We have a pretty flat leveling structure so vast majority of people with 7+ YoE are senior level.
      Feb 15
    • Cruise Automation whatisav
      Without direct domain expertise and experience in that domain, you will be offered senior engineer position. Range: $300k to $350k cash heavy offer
      Feb 16
    • Tesla TheBigT
      @opet40 Can you share a bit of your previous 10 YOE that got you the staff position? I'm also right around that many YOE, mostly in the EV space, but no direct AD domain experience. I'm looking at a couple of engineering manager positions at Cruise but I'm not sure if those equate to a L5 or L6 position in terms of compensation. From what I'm reading though, even within L5, there's quite a bit of play?
      Feb 18
  • Cruise Automation UHDd18
    Pay is excellent and equity will be worth a ton of $
    Feb 16 0
  • Apple Cookenberg
    Heh it’s paper money, good luck waiting for IPO.
    Feb 16 1
    • Cruise Automation opet40
      Offers are cash heavy to account for this. My annual bonus is 130k, cash.

      If we ever IPO that’s just icing on the cake.
      Feb 16
  • Dropbox dUFy03
    Is it like in 10 years from now?
    Feb 15 1
    • Cruise Automation opet40
      It took Dropbox 10 years so it’s not unheard of. But no, it’ll take however long it takes to get a service running in the city without drivers. That’s the money:
      Feb 15


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