Cruise automation compensation for senior software engineer

Jan 28 14 Comments

Have an onsite interview call for cruise automation . How much TC can I expect from them ?

Yoe: 5
Current TC: 340k

Also how is the culture and work life balance ?


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  • Twitch yusername
    Cruise automation would offer cash heavy offer in $300k to $350k range
    Jan 29 2
    • Volkswagen Pknhtfxz
      Is that including annual cash bonus or just base?
      Feb 10
    • Twitch yusername
      That's TC. Including base + bonus + stocks. If you want $300+k base, go join Netflix
      Feb 25
  • Facebook / Eng gJJA84
    Sorry but that TC is so high for E5. Unlikely you're winning the lottery a second time.
    Jan 28 1
    • OP
      Nope, E5 tc is 310k on the lower side and can go upto 500k
      Jan 28
  • Intel EwhH71
    Is senior in Cruise equivalent to SDE 2?
    Jan 29 3
    • Cruise Automation ElopedMusk
      (Very) upper sde ll, mostly lll territory
      Feb 3
    • Intel EwhH71
      Would that mean that there is less scope for a promo/raise if someone comes in as senior? Sounds like the level after senior is staff.
      Feb 3
    • Facebook xxkw86
      @ElopedMusk, one person interviewed me should be an internally promoted staff (according to the title in linkedin and the title in interview schedule sheet). I can feel he is very technical strong just during the 1 hour interview.
      Feb 23
  • eBay martinw
    Is this TC due to stock appreciation or DE? What's the breakdown?
    Jan 28 2
    • OP
      180k base, 130k stock per year, rest bonus
      Jan 28
    • Facebook xxkw86
      face, how come you have 130k stock per year. Is it because you got one EE every year?
      Feb 23
  • This comment was deleted by original commenter.

    • OP
      I meant I have an onsite interview call . Sorry if that wasn’t clear to you
      Jan 29
  • Apple TimCooked
    I heard it’s not liquid anymore
    Jan 29 0


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